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Law School Admissions: Applicant Services

Overview of Services

Each year, many law schools accept less than 10% of applicants into their programs. Most competitive candidates have high GPAs and LSAT scores and impressive extracurricular activities. Since law schools typically do not interview candidates, the additional parts of the application (i.e., the personal statement and autobiographical sketch) provide the only opportunity to speak to the admissions committee and, in many cases, differentiate candidates from the competition.



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How We Help Law School Applicants to Gain Admission:

  • Our Book : ACCEPTED WITH ASTROFF: LAW provides a step-by-step guide through the application process.
  • Academic Planning: We help prior to the application process to strengthen an applicant’s profile.
  • Application Essays: Review of personal statements / application essays for Canadian, U.S. and overseas programs.
  • Autobiographical Sketches: Review of autobiographical sketches for Canadian, U.S. and overseas programs.
  • Mock Interviews for Law School: Relevant mainly for law schools outside Canada. Rarely used by Canadian law schools as a method of evaluating candidates.
Dr. Robert Astroff has graduated from 4 different elite universities across Canada, having pursued academic studies at the highest level, attaining 4 university degrees including a law degree and PhD.
Dr. Astroff’s own educational background, professional experience in the field of post-secondary education and extensive knowledge of the university admissions process make him uniquely qualified to assist you with law school admission.
We encourage you to read testimonials from past clients and let the results speak for themselves.

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