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Undergraduate Commerce Programs

The task of choosing the “right” university poses a challenge for many students and parents. The decision typically involves evaluation of a myriad of factors to ensure a good match – one that offers a nurturing learning environment as well as opportunities for personal and professional growth. Furthermore, certain Canadian university programs (such as the Ivey HBA or the Schulich BBA) are extremely competitive.

Gaining admission to an undergraduate program is only the first step to eventual professional success. The next step is to ensure that grades are maximized, courses are chosen strategically, and extracurricular activities are selected with an appropriate focus and rationale. Far too often, students choose courses poorly (including in their first year of university) that lead to low grades and course omissions required as prerequisites for professional programs. Moreover, students do not select extracurricular activities that will elevate their profile for employment or further academic study. Planning in high school and the early university years is essential to maximize options.

We assist students with:

Planning During High School Years:

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Planning During Undergraduate Years:

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